Motion Design

Some smaller—mostly for fun—motion pieces.

Closer To You Lyric Video

Motion Design

To visually portray the offset harmonies of this song, I reverberated the words in RGB behind the lyrics, which are made to look like someone writing a letter in Microsoft Word.


Animated in After Effects.

Embark App

UX/UI Design + Animation

Aimed at city-dwelling young adults, this map-based app helps people discover destinations in National Parks, allows them to create their own journey, and routes them there.

Animated in Principle and After Effects.

Designed in collaboration with Eli Kahn and Maya Flood.

A Stitch in Time Opening

Motion Design

A Stitch in Time is about a young girl named Maria who has a mysterious connection to the past. This opening evokes the eerie yet innocent magic of Maria’s world, animated through the reference to the main motif, the thread, which symbolizes the connectedness of things throughout time.


Frames drawn in Procreate.