Embark App

Interface Design

Aimed at city-dwelling young adults, this map-based app helps people discover destinations in National Parks, allows them to create their own journey, and routes them there.

Designed in collaboration with Eli Kahn and Maya Flood.

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Initial Concepts

01 Travel Itinerary

This app gives stop and destination suggestions for the the user to save and arrange into their own custom journey.

02 Choose Your Own Adventure

Based on user preferences, this app creates different journey options with suggested stops along to way.

03 Blind Adventure

Based on the user's time frame and preferences, this app creates a personalized blind journey, only revealing the end destination and the first step of the process.

Our Solution

Our final solution was influenced most by the “Itinerary” concept, taking the browsing, saving, and trip planning elements from it, but combining it with the route creation element of the “Chose Your Own Adventure” concept. However, we chose to have the app be centered around a map that would always exist on the screen, making searching more geographic and proximity based.

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