Delia's Website

Interface Design

The classic 90’s clothing brand was revived in a collaboration with Dolls Kill, but launched under the Dolls Kill site. I reimagined what this experience might look like if the funky Delia’s clothing line were given a site of its own.

90's but Current

The clothing collection consists of many pieces that have distinctly 90’s patterns on a more current silhouette. As an echo, I used these simple graphics, reminiscent of the time period, but laid it out in a more contemporary style.

The Home Page and Dresses Page

As E-commerce becomes more and more commonplace, the shopping experience should carry through into a brand’s website. The micro-interactions such as the hover and scroll animations bring the brand to life in unobtrusive yet joyful ways.

Drop Down Menu:

Quick Add Feature:

Hover Animation:

Scroll Animation:

Product Page