Photo by Jamie Pearl

Things I Love

In No Particular Order

  1. Artificial Banana Flavoring
    Unpopular Opinion, I know.


  2. Details
    Personally, I think perfectionism is a superpower.


  3. Pre-Gwen Stefani Harajuku
    Then she made it big in the West, cue the tourists.


  4. Type
    My doodles as a kid were letters. Foreshadowing.


  5. Big, crowded, old cities
    Not to be dramatic but being anonymous in a crowd makes me feel alive.

  6. Makeup
    I enjoy both the ritual and the art of it.

  7. Jessica Walsh
    Self-explanatory, I think.

  8. Completing a Project
    The euphoria of finishing something I've put my heart into keeps me going.

  9. Latte Art
    From ages 13-20 I was a barista, so I got pretty good if I do say so myself.

  10. Messy Messy Process
    Mess is pretty sometimes too.

  11. Fashion
    Always wear what feels most authentic.

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